Food Service Reopening

Staffing Issues & Food Service

August 19, 2021 Update

Our team has worked hard to reopen our prepared food offerings in the past couple months. Like many businesses across the nation, we are experiencing severe staffing issues. 

Because of these challenges, a number of our offerings will temporarily close again, including made-to-order sandwiches and weekend hot meals at Co-op Downtown. See below for all the details.

The Latest News

Co-op Downtown Sandwich Bar  — CLOSED (PRE-MADE ONLY)

Starting August 21, 2021:

  • Our made-to-order sandwich bar will be temporarily closed.
  • We will have a wide selection of pre-made sandwiches and wraps available.
  • 44 E. Main

Co-op Downtown Hot Bar — OPEN (WEEKDAYS ONLY)

Starting August 28, 2021:

  • We will temporarily stop serving hot meals on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The hot bar will continue to be open for  lunch and dinner on weekdays. 
  • Open Monday - Friday from 11 am - 7 pm
  • Serve yourself from our made-from-scratch meals (to stay or to go)
  • Menus change daily. Check our website for what's cooking today: Deli Menus
  • 44 E. Main

Food Service Offerings

Co-op West Main Salad Bar —  OPEN!

  • The salad bar at Co-op West Main is back!
  • Open daily from 9 am — 8 pm (to stay or to go)
  • 908 W. Main

Co-op Downtown Salad Bar — OPEN!

  • Serve yourself from our salad bar!
  • Open daily from 10 am — 8 pm (to stay or to go)
  • 44 E. Main

Flying C Cafe  — CLOSED!

  • The Flying C Cafe is temporarily closed.
  • Dining area open
  • 908 W. Main (upstairs)

Co-op West Main Sandwiches -  PRE-MADE AVAILABLE

  • Sorry, we do not have made-to-order sandwiches at Co-op West Main.
  • Check out our greatly expanded (and very popular!) selection of pre-made sandwiches in the Good-to-Go case.
  • 908 W. Main

Co-op West Main Deli Remodel — IN PROGRESS

  • The deli is experiencing some light construction with the removal of our hot bar and sandwich bar.
  • Our goal is to remodel the area to expand our meat, produce and cheese departments.
  • We have installed a new produce unit where the hot bar was.
  • The hot bar will move to the sandwich station area. From there, our goal is to offer hot food by fall 2021.