FAST Blackfeet

September 08, 2020

FAST Blackfeet (Food Access and Sustainability Team) runs the Ō´yō´• ṗ´ Food Pantry, providing food access to the Blackfeet Nation in Browning, Montana. Ō´yō´• ṗ´ is the Blackfeet way to say “We Are Eating” – a name that FAST Blackfeet chose because of the way it embraces both FAST Blackfeet’s vision that everyone has plenty of healthy food to eat, along with the inclusive, social relationship that surrounds the sharing and eating of food in Blackfeet culture.

With COVID-19 and community-wide closures, many residents have an unexpected need for food and many are not able to travel to the pantry to pick it up.

To help provide this critical resource, FAST Blackfeet decided to take their food pantry on the road. Working with the Piikani Lodge Health Institute, the group delivers food to more than 100 families every week (this is in addition to those who pick up food boxes from the pantry).

The annual cost for fuel is estimated at approximately $5,700. Without fuel, this group cannot deliver food.

All donations here will support the food pantry and delivery program. The Community Food Co-op in Bozeman is donating 10 cents of every bulk apple sold in September to FAST Blackfeet. In addition, the Co-op is matching the first $500 in donations on this fundraiser.

Donate Today

In addition to apple sales, we’re matching the first $500 donate here: FAST Blackfeet Apple a Day (make this a link to