Celebrating Women Winemakers

April 06, 2021

Co-op Wine Explorer

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  • Alto Molino Torrontes32%-off at $8.49
  • Alto Molino Cabernet Sauvignon — 23%-off at $8.49
  • Alto Molino Rose — 23%-off at $8.49
  • Cantina Marilina Fedelie Sicilian Moscato — 21%-off at $18.49
  • J Dusi Model M Red — 25%-off at $10.49

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Meet the Women Winemakers

Alto Molina

Head winemaker Valeria Antolin leads Alto Molina, one of the highest altitude vineyards in Argentina and possibly the world. They harvest their grapes among the clouds at an elevation of 5,985 feet. Their wines are vegan and gluten-free. 

Cantina Marilina

Cantina Marilina is run by sisters Marilina and Federica Paternò in Sicily, Italy since 2001. Their philosophy is simple: respect for the earth. The sisters use traditional winemaking techniques, grow organically and use minimal additives.

J Dusi

Janell Dusi was born and raised on the Dusi Vineyard (located in Paso Robles, California) where her grandfather taught her the old world Italian style of winemaking. The intense flavor profiles of the “Dusi Fruit” speak to the land’s unique micro climate and the family’s hand-crafted grape growing techniques.