Deals Not to Miss

July 10, 2018

Available now through July 17, while supplies last:


Organic Red Cherries

The organic red cherries we are getting in right now are incredible. These sweet cherries are about as fresh, ripe and good as they get. Grab some while they are on such a good sale.


  • 50%-off
  • Now through July 17
  • Available at both Co-op locations


Organic White Sweet Corn

Now’s the time to enjoy buttery, grilled corn on the cob.


  • $0.89/ea
  • Available at both Co-op locations


Bulk Camping Mixes

Just add water and viola! These are easy, lightweight food mixes that are perfect for backcountry meals.


  • 15%-off
  • Available in the Bulk Department at Co-op West Main (qualifying products are marked)


Local Pork Shoulder Roasts

Slow cook these boneless pork roasts for pulled pork sandwiches or tacos.


  • $3.99/lb
  • From John Smith Ranch in Whitehall and Olive Branch in Bridger
  • Available at Co-op West Main