COVID-19 Updates

Face Coverings Required

Including for those who have been vaccinated

Remember to cover your mouth and nose!

Face coverings are still required to enter both Co-op locations. This requirement remains regardless of whether that customer or staff member has received a vaccine.

All customers and staff must cover their nose and mouth with a mask, bandana, face shield or scarf.

We will  ask any customers not wearing masks to leave the store.

This requirement does not apply to children under the age of five.

Senior and Higher Risk Shopper Hours

Our special shopping hours for seniors (65 years and older) and immune-compromised individuals:

Higher Risk Shopper Hours

  • Tuesday and Friday
  • Co-op West Main
  • 7 – 8 am
  • Face coverings required

Updated April 6, 2021

COVID-19 Preparedness

The health and safety of our Co-op community is our highest priority.

Our management team is closely monitoring guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local health officials to help inform our decisions.

  • Increasing the frequency and rigor of cleaning the sales floor and operational areas, including high touch surfaces (bulk scoops, tongs, hand rails, bathrooms, doors, etc.)
  • Continuing to expect and monitor diligent hand washing by all Co-op staff. Additionally, any staff handling ready-to-eat foods are already required to wear gloves.
  • Communicating and enforcing our sick policy that any sick staff stay home.
  • Modifying our paid-time-off policy and utilizing federal sick leave programs to help mitigate the potential financial impact on workers in the event any staff are affected by COVID-19.
  • Providing hand sanitizer and disposable gloves for customer use.
  • Providing sanitizing wipes to clean cart handles and baskets between shoppers.
  • Installed clear plexiglass at our cash registers to help protect our staff and customers.
  • We are continuing to see a high level of out of stocks and shortages  from our vendors.  Our team is diligently working to minimize the impact of these shortages by providing alternative options when possible.
  • Managing social distancing through signage and floor decals to help customers identify where to stand (particularly at the registers and other congested areas).
  • Requiring masks throughout the organization for all staff within 6 feet of each other.
  • Daily symptom checks of all employees working in our buildings
  • Awarding staff one day of paid time off per vaccine dose they receive

Co-op Prepared Foods — Everything "To-Go"

To help protect the health and safety of our community, Gallatin County has imposed restrictions on bars and restaurants.

These restrictions do not apply to grocery stores, grocery store delis or convenience stores. However, we are taking action to convert all of our prepared foods into packaged products.

 The Flying C Cafe and the dining areas in both locations are currently closed.

For more information on our prepared foods, visit: Daily Menus.