Compostable Packaging

Compostable Packaging


Compostable Packaging



August 21, 2019


Due to manufacturer out of stocks, we are temporarily utilizing recyclable packaging on our 8oz and 16oz Good-to-Go containers.

The demand for plant-based packaging is increasing, resulting in a nationwide shortage of compostable containers.

We are working hard to get our supply back in rotation as soon as possible.




Plant Based Packaging


Our new grab-and go-case is filled with an expanded selection of Co-op-made deli salads, desserts, sandwiches, wraps and more.


Much of the packaging you see is plant-based, including:

  • All 4oz, 8oz and 16oz containers
  • To-boxes for hot bar and salad bar
  • Napkins and silverware

We are currently in the process of transitioning additional packaging to be plant-based as well.


Our Goals


Organization wide, we are working hard to minimize our use of petroleum-based packaging in favor of plant-based products that are compostable.


Some other examples include: to-go coffee cups, meat and seafood tray packs as well as paper bag options in bulk and produce.


While our city does not offer a commercial composting facility, we do have local businesses that offer this service. Here at the Co-op, we work with Happy Trash Can Curbside Composting to pick up waste from our commercial kitchen as well as discarded waste from customers who are dining with us.


It's not perfect, however, we've diverted 275,000 pounds of waste since we began.