Co-op the Whole Block - Progress Photos

Our expansion project is moving full steam ahead and the new building is really starting to take shape.

Check out the progress with these photos taken by local photographer Jessie Moore.

Expansion Project Photos

Photos taken August 22, 2018


The second story will house offices and meeting spaces.


Looking into the future kitchen and bakery with administrative offices above.


The northwest corner looking into the kitchen, bakery and prep areas. The long rectangle in the center is our future dish station.


Looking at the store's current "outside" wall. This space will become a two-story warehouse.


To the lower left is the future bulk foods room. Bulk will be moving out of the current cramped aisles and getting a retail space of its own!


In the warehouse looking up to the second floor.


Lifting and placing wood panels on the second floor.


The crew from Langlas and Associates Construction.


Here's where the cooking magic will happen! This space will house ovens, skillets and stovetops.


That giant crane? This is what it looks like from the base.


Old meets new. The view from across Main Street.