Co-op the Whole Block: May Photos

Getting Close to Move-In Day!

The new building is getting a green roof, solar panels and lots of final touches. Barring any unforeseen setbacks, we anticipate moving the week of June 2.

During this week, we will move our support offices, kitchen, bakery and warehouse to the new building. Currently, they are all located in offsite areas that we rent. Once  all of our "back of the house" operations are moved, we will begin improving the retail floor in various phases throughout the summer.

Will there be more retail space?

Yes! Most of the new building will be "back of the house" operations. However, we are adding a new retail bulk foods room (see pictures below).

What about parking?

Good news! We are increasing it by 25 percent.

Expansion Project Photos - May 2019

Photos by  Jessie Moore.

Welcome to the roof! The large black box is our CoGen backup generator. It will keep electricity going in our new building during power outages. It also acts as a mini power plant, continually generating its own electricity with natural gas. This supplements the power we purchase, saving money. To the right, is our green roof (more info below). 


A green roof in the making! Here, an irrigation line is being installed on the flat portions of the roof. Once the sedum (a succulent plant) takes root and matures, we will not need to irrigate the roof, except in extreme dry spells.


This picture shows the "grassy knoll" section of  the green roof  (visible from across Main Street). While the sedum matures, it will be irrigated with a small surface sprinkler.


On the side of the roof facing our parking lot, a solar panel array has been installed.


The new array is a 16.4 KW system, which will offset 4% of our annual electrical demand.


Looking down on our new loading dock from the second floor. These white, closed-cell foam panels (now covered by concrete) are ground insulation.  We can use water, warmed by the hot air coming off our compressors, to heat the dock from below as needed. If the forecast calls for snow, workers can flip a switch and keep the area clear.


In the new building, this area will become the entry to our new 1,000-square-foot retail bulk foods room.


Soon, this area will house our new bulk foods and bulk wellness retail room. Get ready for more space and more selection!