Co-op Response to Reported Lawsuit

February 28, 2017

A recent article published in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported that a man is pursuing a lawsuit against our Co-op. This individual claims that he allegedly got salmonella after purchasing cucumbers here in 2015.

As of this date we have not been contacted by an attorney nor summoned by the court. What we know about this case we read in the Chronicle.

The cucumbers described in the Chronicle article, under the brand Limited Edition, came from A&W Fresh Produce located in San Diego. They were distributed in many states and there was a nationwide recall.

At the time, the Gallatin County Health Department issued a recall of these cucumbers. Considering the urgency of the situation, we checked our supply stream. Our produce distributors, in records provided to us, confirmed that they did not sell us Limited Edition cucumbers.

Inquiries should be directed to General Manager Kelly Wiseman at [email protected].