Holy Smokes!

July 06, 2017

We can see clearly now...the smoke is gone!

On Monday morning (July 3) a small fire broke out in our bread bakery, located offsite in the Central Kitchen and Warehouse.

It appears that the fire was caused by a mechanical failure in the ventilation unit above one of our bread ovens.

Most importantly, we're happy to report that no one was hurt.

And with a quick response from the fire department, the damage was contained to a small area just above the bread oven.

The fire only impacted our ability to produce a few select baked goods, including wraps, pizzas and biscuits. By Saturday, we expect to have these items fully stocked again.

Our bread production was the most impacted. While we get those ovens back up and running, we have extra loaves of fresh-baked, locally-made On the Rise Bread.