Co-op Downtown Dining

June 30, 2020

Grab a Seat at Our Table

The dining area at Co-op Downtown is open! We are excited to welcome customers back to dine with us. However, there are a few important changes:

What's on the Menu?

Our self-service salad bar and hot bar remain closed for now.

We do have a large selection of made-to-order sandwiches and smoothies and grab-and-go meals.

Social Distancing & Face Coverings

We have less tables available for seating. This allows for social distancing and proper sanitizing in between guests.

Each table will have a sign indicating whether it is clean or still needs cleaning. If the sign says "Not Clean," please ask a staff person for help or sit at a different table.

While seated, customers are welcome to take off their face coverings. Upon leaving the table, we ask customers to put their coverings back on.

What About Co-op West Main?

We are only opening the dining area at Co-op Downtown.

The Flying C Cafe and dining area at Co-op West Main will remain closed during this time.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we navigate this reopening!