Co-op Basics - New Low Prices

Co-op Basics - New Low Prices

May 15, 2018

Starting Wednesday, May 16, 2018:

We have significantly lowered our everyday prices on select milk, eggs, sliced bread and ground beef. No sales dates or coupons required here!

These popular grocery staples are now part of our Co-op Basics program. Co-op Basics offers everyday low prices on more than 160 products throughout the store.

NEW Co-op Basics Products

Organic Valley Milk Half Gallons — $3/half gallon

  • Non fat, 1%, 2% and whole — half gallons
  • Both Co-op locations

Organic Valley Large Eggs — $3/dozen

  • Size large — dozen
  • Both Co-op locations

Wheat Montana Healthy Loaves — $2/loaf

  • All Healthy Loaves — Products marked on the shelf
  • Co-op West Main only

B Bar Ranch Ground Beef — $4.99/lb

  •  Local, organic and grassfed ground beef — B Bar Ranch
  • Both Co-op locations

 All Co-op Basics products are available while supplies last.

Our Co-op Basics product selection, pricing and availability are subject to change.