Co-op Basics

September 13, 2016

It’s no secret that food prices are on the rise throughout the country and it is having a significant impact on everyone’s grocery bill. Whether you’re feeding a family or are an individual on a fixed income, it doesn’t mean organic products shouldn’t have a place in your shopping cart.

To help make your dollars stretch further at our Co-op, we have significantly lowered the prices on over 240 products throughout our grocery department with our Co-op Basics program.

The program takes many of the items that our shoppers purchase on a regular basis and drops their everyday price (no sales dates or other restrictions here!).

From pasta to beans, butter, cleaning supplies, baby formula, flour, milk, eggs and more, look for the purple Co-op Basics’ signs throughout the store.

We did our homework, striving to compete or beat with everyday pricing on the same organic products elsewhere.

How exactly are we doing this? By better utilizing our offsite warehouse and through strategic purchasing, we can buy specific products in greater quantity at far lower prices. From there, we pass the savings on to you.

Price savings vary but all are significant. Co-op Basics’ diapers, canned beans, tofu, canned tomatoes, peanut butter, applesauce and yogurt (to name a few) are up 20% or more below their previous prices. Check the Bulk Department for more Basics' products.

Love it? We certainly do. This ever-expanding program will continue to help you save on the items you buy most.

Products and pricing are subject to change based on availability and pricing from our suppliers.