Backpacking Food

Heading into the back country?

Check out our freeze-dried camping meals from Mountain House and Mary Jane's Farm Outpost.

Mountain House

Mountain House foods are cooked fresh and freeze dried. Simply add boiling water and stir. In 10 minutes or less, you have a hot meal. Because you cook them in the packet, there is no messy cleanup.

Entrees and sides include scrambled eggs with ham and red and green peppers, fire roasted veggie blend, beef stroganoff, lasagna with meat sauce, as well as Mexican-style rice and chicken.

Mary Jane's Farm Outpost

Mary Jane's Farm offers organic vegetarian and vegan entrees in an eco-pouch. The pouch doesn't leave bits of aluminum behind and you can burn the packaging afterwards. Like Mountain House, simply add boiling water, stir and eat in 10 minutes or less.

Entrees and sides include mac n' cheese, lentil pilaf, spuds with spinach and cheese, southwestern couscous as well as many pasta options.

NEW! Saquatch Fuel

Sasquatch Fuel is locally-made by a father/son team in Bozeman. This company offers freeze-dried meals in biodegradable packaging.  Their meals come in omnidegradable bags, a patented material that breaks down using microbes in the ground and water. The  pouches do not depend on heat, water, sunlight or oxygen to degrade.

Currently, we carry one entree: Pot Roast. However, check out their website for more flavors.