Baby Formula and Food Pouches Sale

January 10, 2017

Oh baby! These organic products are on sale now at Co-op West Main:

Earth's Best Infant Formula

Organic, non-GMO premium dairy DHA infant formula with iron.

Sale: $24.99/ea (23.2 oz)

Happy Baby Food Pouches

Introduce your little one to new flavors with these shelf-stable organic purees of two or three fruits and veggies.

Sale: $1.39/ea (select flavors)

  • Organic Mangoes (Stage 1)
  • Organic Pears (Stage 1)
  • Organic Bananas Beets Blueberry (Stage 2)
  • Organic Apricots and Sweet Potatoes (Stage 2)
  • Organic Broccoli Peas Pear (Stage 2)
  • Organic Spinach Mango Pear (Stage 4)
  • Organic Green Beans Pear Peas (Stage 4)
  • Organic Sweet Potato Apple (Stage 4)