Apple a Day - Senior Grocery Program

July 02, 2019

Photo by Kene Sperry

In July, 10 cents of every bulk apple sold will support the Senior Grocery Program (a program of HRDC).

Because nobody should go to bed hungry. Every month, HRDC volunteers deliver prepacked groceries to area seniors with the intention of supplementing the household’s grocery budget.

They currently provide more than 365 seniors per month with these supplemental foods. Items included are non-perishable staples such as: canned proteins, cheese, fruits and vegetables, juice, grains and cereals. 

June Results

In June, we raised $1,503.40 for Open & Local Coalition.

About "An Apple a Day"

"An Apple a Day" is a Co-op program that raises money for local non-profits through apple sales at both locations.

Every month, we will donate 10 cents of every bulk apple sold to a different group.

Check out our list of 2018-19 recipients and learn more about the program at: An Apple a Day.