An Apple a Day...

November 06, 2018

...for Fork & Spoon!

In November, 10 cents of every bulk apple sold will support the Fork & Spoon Homestyle  Kitchen. Fork & Spoon is Bozeman's only pay-what-you-can restaurant, providing good food to everyone in our community.

In 2014, Fork & Spoon served over 50,000 healthy, balanced and delicious hot meals to everyone who walked in the door. 

October Results

In October, we raised $2,715.90 for the Cancer Support Community!

A big thanks to our amazing community for helping us raise money for the Cancer Support Community, a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing emotional support, education and hope for people with cancer and their loved ones, free of charge.

Pictured on the right: The crew from the Fork & Spoon Homestyle Kitchen

About "An Apple a Day"

"An Apple a Day" is a Co-op program that raises money for local non-profits through apple sales at both locations.

Every month, we will donate 10 cents of every bulk apple sold to a different group.

Check out our list of 2018-19 recipients and learn more about the program at: An Apple a Day.