An Apple a Day...

...for Reach!


In August, 10 cents of every bulk apple sold will support Reach, Inc. We are thrilled to support this amazing non-profit that empowers adults with disabilities.

Reach serves more than 100 people in our community to attain their individual goals and aspirations by providing residential, vocational and transportation services.

Reach has a special place in our hearts here at the Co-op. Reach clients David (Co-op staff since 1991) and Damon (Co-op staff since 2006 - pictured below) have long been integral parts of our team.

Now the questions is: How much can our Co-op community raise for Reach?

Let's do this!


Pictured above: Our friends from Reach

About "An Apple a Day"

"An Apple a Day" is a Co-op program that raises money for local non-profits through apple sales at both locations.

Every month, we will donate 10 cents of every bulk apple sold to a different group.

Check out our list of 2018-19 recipients and learn more about the program at: An Apple a Day.