50,000 Pounds and Counting

March 28, 2017

Since August, our Co-op has kept 50,000 pounds of food waste out of the landfill through composting.

Every week we generate approximately 2,000 pounds of organic food waste between Co-op West Main, Co-op Downtown and our Central Kitchen. This includes veggie and bread scraps, coffee grounds and egg shells.

We partner with Happy Trash Can, a local business that provides curbside composting for both residential and commercial operations.  

Happy Trash Can, owned by Ryan Green and Adrienne Huckabone, picks up food scraps from the Co-op and brings it to Strike Farms, where owner Dylan provides land to process the scraps into compost.

Dylan then uses the finished product to plant his organically-grown veggies (available seasonally at the Co-op Produce Department and in Co-op prepared foods).

Not only does composting improve soil health and structure but it also reduces carbon emissions. When dumped in a landfill, food quickly rots and becomes a significant source of methane gas.