February 02, 2022

Low Prices on Co-op Basics


Organic Valley Milk Half Gallons — $3.99/half gallon

  • Non fat, 1%, 2% and whole — half gallons
  • Both Co-op locations

Organic Valley Large Eggs — $3.99/dozen

  • Size large — dozen
  • Both Co-op locations

B Bar Ranch Ground Beef —$5.49/lb.

  • Located in Big Timber, B Bar provides us with this incredible grassfed, organic ground beef.
  • Both Co-op locations.
  • Sustainability Update: We purchased reusable meat trays (pictured here) to receive deliveries from B Bar Ranch and John Smith Ranch. They save us from using more than 500 cardboard boxes a month!

Peter Rabbit Organic Food Pouches — 2 for $3

  • Shelf-stable fruit and veggie blends.
  • Both Co-op locations.

 All Co-op Basics products are available while supplies last.

Our Co-op Basics product selection, pricing and availability are subject to change.

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