Complete List of Cheeses and Pairings

Chevre: Montrachet

A white chevre from Burgundy with a soft, moist and creamy texture and a mildly tangy flavor. Typically sold in logs covered in a gray, salted ash. Montrachet is best when quite young and fresh.

Chevre: Perigord Black Truffle

A mild cheese that with a light taste of truffles. The organic truffles give the cheese a wonderful taste and a texture that is creamy.

Sauvignon Blanc or Shiraz

Used in a Mexican cuisine the same way Parmesan is used in Italian dishes. Excellent grating cheese with sharp flavor and firm texture. Melt on top of refried beans, a quesadilla or an enchilada. Serve on salads or with mango, banana or fresh berries.

Chardonnay or Riesling

Firm cheese similar to cheddar. A double Gloucester with onions and chives. Goes well with almonds or olives. Try as a toast topping, melted on a baked potato, in an omelet or served on a salad or sandwich.

Amber, Merlot or Pinot Noir
Crème Fraiche

A sweet creamy cheese that is used to dollop over fruit, or can be sweetened to frost or fill a cake. Garnish over salmon with some dill, or blend with herbs and lemon to use instead of sour cream. Delicious with fruit.

Pinot Grigio
Danish Blue

A mild and less complex than a Roquefort. It has a delicate network of blue-green veins with a creamy spreadable texture. It can be used as a dessert cheese with fresh fruit like strawberries, pears or peaches. Goes will with hearty crackers or in salads.

Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc
Danish Blue in Oil

This cheese is sweet and creamy. Made with juniper berries, fresh garlic and peppercorns. Ideal as an ingredient in Mediterranean style salads, or on its own.

Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc
Delice de France

A creamy cheese with a stronger flavor than a brie. Great on flavored crackers or with olives.

Chardonnay or Merlot
Delice de Herb

A creamy rich soft subtle garlic flavor, pleasingly mild. Serve in omelets, crepes, breads or fruit.

Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc
Double Gloucester

The double refers to the fact that the traditional recipe relies upon the milk from both morning and evening milking. The flavor is between a Cheshire and Aged Cheddar. It has a hard, close, satiny texture with a pronounced but mellow taste that holds up well in cooking. Serve with chutney, pickles or cold cuts. A great addition to any sandwich.

Cotes du Rhone or Porter

Dubliner is described as a mixture between Cheddar and Parmigiano Riggiano. This description is quite accurate. Dubliner tastes of a mature Cheddar with the sweet aftertaste of Riggiano. Try with a slice of crusty bread and pickles.

Pale Ale
Dubliner: Vintage

This cheese combines the sharpness of mature cheddar, the nuttiness of Swiss, and the piquant bite of Parmesan, a tasty and unique combination of flavors. Serve with fruits or bread.

Merlot, Pale Ale or Whiskey

Made from reduced-fat pasteurized milk for less fat, more flavor. It has a mild yet tangy taste and golden color. This is an excellent melting cheese. Serve with French bread, fruit or on sandwiches and burgers.

Beaujolais or IPA
Emmental Cave Aged Swiss

Unlike traditional Emmental, this one has a dark brown rind and a unique, nutty, full-flavored taste. This raw Swiss is aged for at least twelve months in sandstone caves. Try this in your fondue mixture.

Emmental: Cave Aged

Unlike traditional Emmental, this one has a dark brown rind and a unique, nutty, full-flavored taste. Made from cow’s milk, this special “Swiss” is aged for at least 12 months in sandstone caves. Try this in your fondue mixture.


An ivory-colored, mild and slightly nutty tasting cheese with cherry-sized holes. It is the perfect melting cheese for warm dishes and also goes well in your favorite quiche or fondue.

Pinot Grigio or Riesling

This triple cream has 75% butterfat because pure cream is added. As it ages, its interior will go from a chalky, firm, pristine white to a runny yellow to beige mass with a much more intense flavor. Serve with strawberries, pecans or hazelnuts. Try with a fig spread or chutney.

Champagne or Gewurztraminer

In Sweden this is a staple on Swedish breakfast tables. A really nice semi-soft cheese with a mild flavor. Slices and melts well on sandwiches, pizza, casseroles and quiche. Kids love it.

Pilsner or Pinot Grigio
Farmer's Cheese

A soft white cheese that can be made from goat, sheep or cow’s milk. It can be cut or crumbled into a variety of foods and some varieties are made to be sliced. It has a simple, mild flavor and is an excellent choice for a grilled cheese sandwich. Pair with a creamy stout.

Feta: Marinated

Marinated Feta is an Australian Feta made with sheep and goat milk blended with olive and canola oil, thyme, peppercorns and garlic. It is very smooth with an outstanding flavor that is in a class of its own.

Feta: Valbreso

Valbreso Feta is made from sheep’s milk that is left over from the production of Roquefort, the famous French blue cheese. While typically eaten as a table cheese around the Mediterranean, in the US it is most often added to mixed salads. Serve in omelets, grapes or melons. Perfect for any salad.

Pinot Gris or Zinfandel

A semi-hard cow’s mild cheese with a uniquely robust, nutty flavor carefully aged for one year. It has a complex flavor and crumbles ever-so-slightly. Goes well in an omelet or frittata or add to your favorite macaroni and cheese.

Hefeweizen, IPA, Pouilly Fuisse or Syrah

The texture is semi-firm and supple with rich herbaceous and fruity flavor. It has traditional fondue cheese and is enjoyed when paired with fruits.

Merlot, Pilsner or Riesling
Fontina Val D'Aosta

Genuine Fontina comes from the Val d’Aosta region of Italy. It is dense, smooth and slightly elastic. The beige interior with its small round holes has a delicate nuttiness with a hint of mild honey. When melted, the flavor is earthy with hints of herb. Fontina is the primary ingredient of Italian fondue and is a great dessert cheese.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Fontina: Pian Rosa

A creamy Italian cheese that is a great melting dish in any pasta or on pizza. Serve with apricots or grapes.

Ale or Pilsner