Lori Petermann


Lori has been a member and employee of the Co-op since 2007. When she moved here, she did not know a soul and through the Co-op found many friends as well as a sense of community – the co-op is like family to her.

Lori has 25 years’ experience working in the food service industry and hold a BA in Non-Profit Organization & Development. She is the Prepared Foods Manager at the Co-op. She loves working with local, regional and organic foods and is proud to offer good, healthy and affordable food to our community! Lori strongly believes in sustainable practices. Within her role at the Co-op she spearheaded a composting program that keeps approximately 84,000 pounds of food waste out of the landfill per year and transitioned 95% of  food service packaging to compostable containers. 

Outside of work Lori loves to garden and preserve delicious food. She also enjoys hiking, skiing and exploring Montana!

From a Board perspective, what do you think are important issues facing the Co-op? 

Staying competitive in our ever growing and changing community is one of our biggest challenges. We need to ensure that we are financially stable after our recent expansion project while also exploring opportunities for further growth within our community.  I think that it is imperative that the coop maintain and grow its commitment to supporting local agriculture, community giving and providing excellent employee benefits to be competitive with other retailers coming to the area. 
What strengths would you bring to the Board? 

Having served on the board since 2016, I bring the knowledge I have gained of how the board operates as well as the working relationships that I have formed with current board members.  As a staff member of over 12 years; I bring the knowledge of how the coop works, the struggles that we face and the joys we experience as an organization from an employee perspective. This insight is incredibly relevant to the board, as I can bring an inside perspective to conversations and decisions that the board must make.
What aspects of the Co-op Board of Directors do you find of interest? 

Learning more about the cooperative business model, how other coops work and what our coop does to stay financially viable are very interesting to me. I enjoy working with the Giving Committee to give back and support our community in new and diverse ways.  One of my greatest interests is in continuing to work with individuals and other organizations that are working to support local and regional agriculture.