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Build your own Garden!

Gardening season is in full bloom. What better way to start your summer than with fresh plant starts from Amaltheia farms. 

You may recognize the Bozeman-based family farm for their delicious variety of organic goat cheese, and now their organic bagged greens as well. Now, you can continue to enjoy that delicious organic taste by planting your own garden with their selection of plant starts, available at Co-Op West Main!

Gardening does seem daunting at first, which is why plant starts are the perfect way to jumpstart your gardening journey. Unlike starting from seeds, plant starts are perfect for beginner green-thumbs as they have a higher success rate. To increase your future garden's success rate even more, here are some essential tips for caring for your plant starts: 

1. Make sure your plants are in the right spot for their variety. Ensure they have the appropriate amount of sunlight and access to well drained soil. 

2. Make sure to not over water. When watering, make sure that while you are watering consistently, the soil remains moist but not waterlogged. 

3. Keep your plants well-fed. Keep your plants on a feeding schedule based on their variety using organic fertilizers (Amaltheia farms offers organic fertilizer). 

4. Provide additional support. Using stakes or cages to give structural support to plants like tomatoes and cucumbers promotes a healthier growth and harvest. 

5. Harvest your crops to keep them growing. Harvesting your produce when it's at peak ripeness not only gives you fresh vegetables, but also helps promote continued production from your garden! 

Follow these tips with your new plant starts from Amaltheia Farm, and soon you will have a garden of your very own. Visit Co-op West Main to start your garden today! 

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