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B Bar Ranch Sample July 3rd

The sun is shining, and the grill is fired up! Summer is the perfect time for outdoor cookouts. What makes them even better is grilling local meats, such as B Bar Ranch hot dogs.

Based in Big Timber, B Bar has been a certified organic ranch for the past 30 years with a mission to keep the land as healthy as they keep their cattle. By prioritizing their soil's health, B Bar is able to raise stress-free and nutrient-rich cattle. B Bar does so through regenerative agricultural practices such as pasture stitching, a method of planting species in an area where plants are already growing to promote biodiversity. Their sustainability practices extend to after the cattle have been processed, using a mix of bones and other slaughter waste to create a form of compost called bone char. This provides an abundance of calcium and phosphorus for the soil while reducing methane production, effectively reducing greenhouse gas produced by livestock. 

But don't take our word for it! You can talk with your local ranchers this Wednesday. On July 3rd, from 2 to 5 PM, B Bar Ranch will be cooking some of their local hot dogs for you to try before you buy. We can't wait to see you there!

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