Hyun Kim


Hyun is a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom to an active 7-year-old boy. Going into year three of living in Bozeman, the enjoyment and gratitude she feels for this magical town has not worn off. She appreciates the quality of life and a community where people are super open and friendly. She loves that she can walk and bike year-round; skiing is just a short car (or bus!) ride away; and for such a small town, cooking healthy meals is pretty easy to do because of the Co-op. One of the reasons Hyun decided to run for the Board was because of the Co-op’s indelible stamp on the local community. She recognized the Co-op as a place that people truly love, a feeling that  can be sensed immediately walking through the doors. She looks forward to continuing serving as a working member. 

The skills and experience Hyuan brings to the board includes: being a good listener, a quick learner and always open to getting better. She also has experience as a magazine editor and copy writer, positions where she was tasked with being a good representative of the company to the public. In that role she managed writers/designers/photographers; crafted engaging stories and marketing messages; and executed and delivered a finished product on-budget and on-time.

Hyun is particularly interested in community outreach and engagement. She believes the Co-op has done a very good job of establishing an organic connection with its members and local food community and would like to keep that relationship healthy and thriving. 

From a Board perspective, what do you think are important issues facing the co-op? 

I see affordability and competition from corporate retailers being the biggest issues. As “healthy” and “organic” become more mainstream, it’s important for the Co-op to continue to foster the special connection it has with its members and in the community. I also see sustainability as a big issue as people really look to the Co-op to be on the forefront of sustainable and socially responsible practices. 

What strengths would you bring to the Board?

I see the Co-op as one big, caring effort be-tween the store, farmers, ranchers, and the local community. I thrive in those kind of collaborative environments—coming up with solutions and ideas with passionate, like-minded people is really fun work.

What aspects of the Co-op Board of Directors do you find of interest?  

I am very interested in learning more about the business side of running a successful and profitable co-op. You can see that a very big vision has been set at the Co-op and it’s very exciting to see those big goals come to fruition. It’s also great education to see the lessons learned along the way. To help move that vision forward would be a unique experience.